News & Highlights


                 Pictures for Norges Energi

Fun job for Norges Energi, produced in collaboration with Schjærven in May 2017. 

   Portrait of Karen Armstrong

Portrait of the British author and religion commentator Karen Armstrong shot for Morgenbladet. Printed in issue nr 12/2017. 

     Gyldendal annual report

Portrait of CEO John Tørres Thuv and cover shot for Gyldendal annual report 2016. Collaboration with Designcontainer.  

Diploma for Sverre Malling story, Gullsnitt 2016

The project on Sverre Malling and his drawing of the Norwegian Muskox won Diploma at  this year Gullsnitt, the Norwegian Commercial Photographers Award.  
Honored to receive a award for this project, specially because it is personal work. 

     Melk & Honning

Group portrait and some single portraits for the online magazine Melk & Honning last week. The menn behind Blender Retail. 

Takashi Murakami for Morgenbladet

Portrait of the Japanese artist, Takashi Murakami, the day befor the grand opening of his exhibition at Astrup Fernley in Oslo. Printed in Morgenbladet.